Design Services

Aesthetics of a place, event, or experience have a dramatic impact on the impression our clientele wants to present their guest. Rank and Revel will assist in curating your celebration to match your hopes for the impression you wish for your friends and family or business partners or your own customers. From circus inspired events to formal dining paired with the perfect sterling, Rank and Revel will facilitate the design of your event or space.

Designing Around You

Rank and Revel is here to create the experience you desire. We are here to assist you with every detail or follow your lead to enable you to have a customized event. From canapés to linens, Rank and Revel loves thinking of every nuance.

Beyond The Event

Let Rank and Revel act as a concierge to ensure that transportation, reservations, and all side ventures are as successful as your main event. Rank and Revel is here to create an adventure for your party guest or out of town customers. 

Your Helping Hand

Rank and Revel has had the pleasure of working with the many and varied talented men and women of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and this network is here to serve you. If we can not make your vision happen we guarantee we know someone who can.